Know the five trends of digital marketing in 2018

Good marketing strategies are the need for every marketing industry. In the area of digital marketing, it is even more important to have a best and foolproof strategy to take the business to greater heights. With a change in the time trends also changes. It is essential for the SEO Services to work with the latest trends. Here are some of the trends that we are expecting from 2018.


2017 is going to end, but with its end, new challenges and trends are introducing for the next year. So, we have predicted the top 5 trends of 2018.


Mobile first index


Google is planning to make mobile first indexing as one of the ranking factors. Its priority will be the mobile search results. Presently, it is unknown that what will be the weight of the keyword queries and ranking factors on this index. But as far as we know that speed and site performance will have some priority on this index.


Desktop and mobile searches produce different results, and this is true even for the same searches. Since mobile users are growing and many of the users prefer searching content on them, thus mobile first indexing is going to make a huge difference in the ranking of websites.


Natural queries


Over the years, we have shifted to the topic based searches, but the importance of keyword-based searches is still there. Mobile first index will change the search pattern, and it will take a broader match of searches instead of exact match phrases. Search engines will be more likely to interpret natural language.


Voice search didn’t make much difference in 2017, but by 2020 it will contribute to almost 50% of searches. Webmasters will have to meet with the user interest by applying the semantic search to offer them the appropriate information. They have to shift their focus from long keywords to stronger one those will give high conversion rate. Rich snippet box will offer results for the searched keywords. So make sure that your content finds a place in rich snippet box.


Declining ranking factors


The conventional ranking factors are declining regarding importance and relevance. In 2015, Google had employed RankBrain. It is assumed that it will take the position of these factors of SERP. It will gather historical data based on the searches and sort them by analyzing the rate of engagement of users. It will deliver the relevant listings. At the time, this technology will advance and will eliminate the conventional ranking factors that are used by Google.


Visual content


Content is king, and it increases the need for engaging users by providing them more useful and relevant data. Social signals that are received from the user for the specific brands also play a vital role in organic rankings. So, the webmasters have to focus on both valuable content and social media. More the users are gaining brand awareness more they will likely to attract towards them.


Brand building


Hong Kong SEO agencies are moving towards marketing model that is traditional. They are more focused toward brand building rather than link building. By doing that they are indirectly targeting more number of users.


So, these are the top 5 trends of 2018 for digital marketers.