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If negative publicity is a serious concern for you or your company, Digitment can help. We offer online reputation management services – call now.

Take Control with Reputation Management

In recent times, it has become far easier for internet users to post content online – in fact, it is possible to post blogs and reviews within minutes. With this being the case, many companies and individuals find that it is hard to monitor or control that is being posted about them.


Bad reviews, blog posts, and other content can impact negatively on a brand name, and rectifying this sort of damage can prove to be a very costly exercise – especially if you try and respond to the negative content directly. Fortunately, here at Digitment we offer a solution to this increasingly common problem.

How Can We Help?

Here at Digitment, we offer an effective SEO reputation management service that helps you regain control of your online reputation. Utilising a combination of creative, technical and strategic services, we suppress negative content in relation to major search engine results – and ensure your official sites are simultaneously promoted. Ultimately, this service means that when potential clients search you or your company, they see the sites you want them to see – not that one that portrays you in a negative light.


Digitment can assist you with the following:

  • Improve your company’s reputation by strengthening your brand name
  • Protect your company’s name from future tarnishing
  • Handle large amounts of negative content when things really go away
  • Suppress negative or defamatory content
  • Prevent certain pieces of information from being shown amongst the top results
  • Promote your official site
  • Ensure the worst posts are removed from top-ranking positions
  • Decrease the authority of any negative content
  • Order the removal of any fake reviews

Act Now

There are many issues associated with negative content – from poor sales through to consumer boycotts and issues with suppliers. If you are concerned, it is best to act sooner rather than later before the problem worsens. Digitment has already helped many individuals and companies regain their reputation. For more information regarding our reputation management service, contact us today.

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