What challenges will occur for SEO in 2018?

New Year means a new beginning with unexpected challenges and that is precisely true for digital marketers. SEO is going to have a new look that is truly based on the ranking factors of Google. Rules of search engines keep on changing, and it makes the game of SEO even more challenging for the webmasters. Old trends are going to become a history, and new trends will take its place. A digital marketing agency in Hong Kong has to change its strategies with these changing trends.


In 2018, new challenges are waiting for these companies. It is going to be a great year that will change the dynamics of SEO. Let’s have a look what trends are coming forward in 2018.


New trends of New Year:


Below are the trends that are expected to dominate.


Link building– just like always, it will focus on quality links but don’t assume that linking to the popular sites will always prove effective in link building. What matters most is site’s relevancy. The strategy will take a shift towards developing contacts and links and build stronger relationships that last for long and provide long-term benefits. A brand will need a diversified strategy to get the successful results.


Mobile optimization– audiences use mobile to search for any content rather than desktop. It means that percentage of mobile searches is more than desktop searches. So, the main aim of the webmasters should be to make a mobile-friendly website. The big change in this market will be the mobile0first indexing that Google is planning to bring. Hence, marketers should make mobile optimization the top priority to get success.


Voice search- according to a report number of voice searches are increasing day by day. 55 % teens and 40% adults use voice search that what Google reports say. It is because of convenience. So, the biggest challenge is to optimize the website according to voice search. They should focus on this new pattern of search and should do keyword research based on the new search pattern.


Customized SERP– search engines use different ways to personalize the search results of users. It considers factors that are related to search history, interests, and location of any users. Marketers have to face this challenge and work in the best manner to appear at the top of the SERP. Their future depends on how well they have managed to rank themselves on the first page of search engines?


User experience– UX or user experience has always remained an essential factor in the search engine’s algorithm. But in 2018, it is likely to have more importance because Google gives priority to the interest of users. So the critical points on which search marketers should focus are navigation, readability, site structure, and speed of a website. UX will remain the critical factor in increasing traffic, and thus websites should be optimized for various devices and platforms.


Thus, to mark the presence of websites, digital marketers should focus on the above trends that will change the game of SEO. Adapt the changes and face the challenges to remain in the industry and choice of users.